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Quotes, Inquiry, Reservations, Comments & Reviews

If you have comments, concerns, or ideas you do not wish to have posted on our Guestbook,
please use our contact us via Phone or e-mail.

We at "Cas Ltd" enjoy the pleasure of your phone call and to speak with you one on one concerning your Event.
Also to receive Special Offers, Quote &/or availability for Limousine, Photography & Event Coordinating
Please contact us by calling us at 708-261-4790.

{i.e. Wedding, Anniversary, ~~ Limousine, Photography, Photo-booth} 

We have various packages to provide you with, 
we also can accommodate you with a package to fit your needs & Special Event,
with the following additional Services...

D.J., Officiant, 3 Tier Cake (separate) with option of floral

*Referral options {not included in packages}
of Jeweler, Venue, Floral Garden for Ceremony*

Thank you!

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