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logo & vehicle inside & out. Services types providing for. Company Dedication to and City listings.

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Provides information concerning all the links and forms provided on the web-site. (This Page)

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Provide you with the vehicle description, Vehicle capacity, Pictures.

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Brief description about the company

Agreement (Page)

The agreement in Cas Ltd. Agreement between the client and Cas Ltd. Livery Service. Rules and regulations for all the events, the reservations, payments, no shows and more, please read it and become familiarized with it for at the bottom of the page there is a place to click on agreeing to the terms and regulations and also placing your name in the Autorization Box with the date. This must accompany every contract.

Rates: (Page)

Provides you with Sedan rates for many cities to and from OTD, MDW & Chicago. Also provides you with additional information concerning reservation recommendations, Event types, and more

About Us: (Page)

All contact information, phone #, text #, fax # & e-mail address, 
besides and area to which you are able to submit a Comment, Follow-up, Inquiry, Quotes, Reservation on the form that goes directly to Cas Ltd. Livery Service.

CorporateAccount Application: (Page)

Information that is on the contract application, authorizes the applicant to make reservations per the agreement and payment made per contract either after each trip and/or at the end of each month with an itemized invoice issued.

Discount Pkg: (i.e. Packages) (Page)

Provides you with various types of discounts and how much the event is discounted.

Dedication: (Page)

Cas Ltd. Livery Service 
is Dedicated to and Why?

Event Contract: (Page)

Is for any services provided from Airport to Concerts to Weddings and more. Just type the information in the appropriate places and your event planning is in motion. If additional room is required for notes, you may use the contact page  via phone and/or us via e-mail. {refer to Contact page}

Event Package: (Page)

Provides information concerning each type of event and what is included within it.

Visitors: (Page)

The Guest Book is for those who have received our services and in order to maintain and improve the quality of service, we ask that you take a few moments to use the form to sign our guestbook.

Thank You!

Chicago Events: (Page)

There is so many things to see in Chicago and this page contains several links to different locations of Chicago.  Please feel free to visit their web-sites also. 

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