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Event Package

All vehicles are Private and NON-smoking.

Airport or Bus Station:
Avoid all the hassles of airport transportation; the traffic, parking fees, dealing with rental cars, airport shuttles, and the confusing airport layout.  
Make a Reservation with Cas Ltd. Livery Service to ensure prompt pickup and arrival in order to make the most of your time. 
So whether you're taking a vacation or traveling for business, we will take all the stress out of airport transportation so you can relax.

Our professional chauffeurs can serve you in one of our stretch limousines.
Our vehicles are stocked with 
complimentary Water and Wine Coolers or Beer for our adult clients.
Please note, if minors are in the vehicle, all alcohol will be removed.

Bachelor(ette) PartiesPlan a night to remember for your bachelor or bachelorette party!
Take the worry out of the evening and travel in luxurious style and comfort.
Let us take you and your entire party to a restaurant, club, bar, or go from spot to spot around the cities.
Renting one of our limos is 
the perfect way to celebrate that one final big night out,
so you can relax and enjoy the party and let your chauffeur take care of the rest.

Birthdays: Do your have a birthday or a big special event coming up?
Perhaps you want to plan a big night out with your friends or enjoy a special night alone with that special someone.
Leave the driving to us to ensure a worry-free, memorable night that will last a lifetime.
You can travel in luxurious style with Cas Ltd Livery Service.

Bottle Water, Wine Coolers or Beer for the adults

Clients under the age of 21 vehicle will have Bottle Water & Soda

School Events: 
Ready for Prom Night? End the year with a big bang by showing up in a stylish and luxurious limousine.
Reserve a Cas Ltd Livery Service Limousine for what is often the most memorable night of your high school days.
So whether you need a limo for you and your date or to share a limo with other couples,
we will provide everything you need to make your night very special!

Finally graduating?  Arrive at the ceremony in comfort and in style. 
Perhaps you would like to plan a big night out with your friends or enjoy a special night alone with that special someone.
Leave the driving to use to ensure a worry-free, memorable night that will last a lifetime.

Parents, you can relax and be certain that our chauffeurs 
are dedicated and focused on making the night safe while your teens are having fun!

Bottle Water, and Soda

Wedding Events: 
Arrive at your wedding ceremony and reception in luxury and in style! 
We understand the importance of this special day and the memories that come with it. 
You can trust us to meet all of your wedding day transportation needs. 
We ensure prompt arrival to allow adequate time to take some memorable photographs 
with the bridal party inside and by the limo before the ceremony.
We give the option of customizing your limo by decorating with the wedding scheme colors.
and "Just Married" on the vehicle.

Relax and enjoy your special day by making a reservation with
Cas Ltd Livery Service to ensure a worry-free, 
memorable day, which you will treasure forever.

Bottle Water, Wine Coolers or Beer and a Bottle of Champaign.

Point to Point: 

From any address to any address, our Point to Point service liberates you.
For a fixed rate, you’ll travel in comfort between any two points in a given geographical area we service.

Do some work. Make calls. Read. Or just relax.
Your chauffeur deals with traffic and anything else that comes up along the way.
It’s a sense of comfort you’ll really appreciate when you arrive.

Once you have made your reservation, there’s nothing between point A and point B except the peace of mind you’ll have
knowing that Cas Ltd Livery Service is taking care of everything.

During any event NO personal items are to be left in any vehicles at any time.
Gratituity is not included.
Ltd Livery Service.

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