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On this 10th day of March 2012 {1yr ago} @ 1:03:15am eastern time a great person, a Husband, a Dad, a brother, a father-in-law, a brother-in-law, a Grandfather, a Great Grandfather, a Uncle, a cousin, a Illinois Tollway Head Electrician, a Auto Mechanic, a car rebuilder, a Roofer, a Vinyl Sider, a rebuilder, a welder, a brazier, a teacher….. {and more}

He was Loving, Caring, Gave his all to those he felt deserved it, was totally honest {whether it was a good or bad opinion}, had so much knowledge and experience all in one person. :)

This person I am talking about taught me many things, watched me crawl, watched me walk and was there when I fell, taught me to Ride a bike, lay down grass {he was so kool looking like a bunny, hopping up and down}, drive a vehicle, Vinyl side a house, roof repair, auto repair & body work, braze, some electrical. He was amazed at the way I learned the things I did. We were in the Blue Island parade with the 22 Cadillac several years and many other events. There is so much that I could say, but there is not enough ink or paper in this world to print everything about this person.

A person that had an ongoing battle with several medical issues and went through a major surgery to which I stayed with him 24/7 for the duration of the time {personal Caregiver & Chauffeur}; along with his wife, son and 1 daughter until he was on his feet. Only to find out, I departed for a potential position with Cook County. Would I reapply? Nope, lessons learned they LOSE. My calling, Dad approved is to provide the best quality & memorable Limousine service to the public.  :)

Hoping things would improve and tried to put faith in the doctors to which the doctors were amazed at the job I did during the 3 month period, I had returned a couple of times on vacations through the 2 yrs & 3 mths. Thinking and hoping that what the doctors were doing was going to be making an improvement and hoping that his wish of seeing one of his grandchildren get married in the later part of 2012 would happen, but didn’t. :(

On March 1st, 2012; I was called to come down. Come to find out that @ 1:03:15am eastern time on the 10th day of March 2012; I was going to lose the person that showed me the true meaning of life. This person approved of my new business {Limousine Service}, He is the one that named it and I Dedicated it to him. This man, if you haven’t figured it out. He is my Dad. The Late, Great Mr. Robert L. Castine; I Love and Miss you a lot and you are and will always be in my Heart and Mind. Thank You for everything.

“Rest In Peace” Dad.


Mom Thank You, I Love You to!



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1922 Cadillac 7 passenger Sedan that is NOT included in fleet
Owned/Operated by * In Honor & Memory of:
The Late/Great... Mr. Robert Castine

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