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I hereby authorize Cas Ltd. to charge my credit card at the end of each trip.
I hereby authorize Cas Ltd. to charge my credit card at the end of each month for the entire amount  (itemized invoice issued).

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By placing a check here I
, understand and agree to pay the card issuer/issuing institution per the terms and conditions established for the card account as specified by the issuing institution. Also that if an amount is noncollectable as a result of the indicated credit card being canceled, the charge being placed in dispute, or otherwise, then any payments applied by Cas Ltd. will remain outstanding and I will pay Cas Ltd. a credit card non-payment fee of $35. I, Authorizing customer, do hereby confirm that I have read and agree to the above terms, regulations and Cas Ltd. Company agreement.

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Upon approval you will be notified in writing and a account number will be issued.
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