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Cas Ltd 
Limousine & Photography Service

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About Us
Cas Ltd. is a family owned company based in the Chicago area.
The business was established in 2010 with one vehicle, the Sole Proprietor has been in the field of transportation since 1993; providing service to many across the United States and Canada such as: Everyday Business, Offices, the Military, Fema and the White House.
The history or story behind my site and my business goes to my Dad. I would like to also say "Thank You" to the many people and business' that I have had the opportunity in providing service for in the transportation field in the past.

I would like to add a note to say "Thank You" to my neice "Kendra Hofman", for building me a beautiful sight for her College Final and am pleased to have the sight up and running with additional information. Love you much.
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